Are you afraid of the dark? (first draft) Nov 4, 2015

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2015 at 7:01 am

Are you afraid of the dark?

Maybe because your eyes haven’t adjusted to the lack of light. Maybe you think there’s a demon lurking nearby and the hairs on your neck stand to attention at that thought.

Are you nervous in the dark?

“I might trip or stub my toe.” You think. “There might be a werewolf behind the washing machine” you telepath your thoughts to me.

Is the darkness a bad thing?

The “they” tells me it is a bad thing. We hide bad stuff in the darkness, right? We don’t want the light to shine and declare our corners lost to the princely one, do we?

Darkness isn’t where God is, some say. Many say that God is Light.

So darkness is bad. Yes? Some things are best done in the dark. If you still develop film, you need darkness, not light.

But if God is everywhere. EVERYwhere. Even in darkness God is there.

Couldn’t this mean God can make the darkness good? Right? Okay? Holy?

If we persist in dualistic thinking, God and darkness don’t sync. Aren’t the unknown facets of God hidden from us, a mystery to us, thus keeping us in the dark?

And God keeps some of us in the dark for a touch of mystery.


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