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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2014 at 7:56 am

It’s over two years now since we’ve come to live here in Toronto.

I admit that while many love city-living, I’m taking a bit longer to adjust even though I hail from a city state myself. I had gotten used to a quieter life, a rural life and a small city life.  All this buzz challenges my love for solitude so it pushes me to centre myself in the midst of the grey concrete, the grey exhaust fumes and the grey ash floating in the air.

We live close to the Boardwalk along Lake Ontario.  What a gift! you say but it is a gift for EVERYONE and EVERY CANINE to enjoy! Yay!  I love looking at those dogs.  I do! I love dogs. And so I learn and re-learn to be alone in the crowd, to be alone and not lonely, to savour the presence of the Advocate walking alongside, walking on the inside and walking in hover position over me.

Toronto, Ontario. Not my choice. But I trust the directive of the One who called us out of Waco, Texas and who called us out of Singapore, Singapore and out of living my life and into living the divine life.

Not easy but done with divine help.