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Beautiful music can revive old hurts

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2012 at 7:43 am

I am painfully aware that I am not just body and spirit.  I am one complex entity.  I am not a dualistic being although many times my thinking seems to come out that way.

In my mind, this music is beautiful and was composed to match a segment of a film.  In my heart, I hear something more.  I remember something beyond the music and the film.  And I wonder…how did I come out of that?  I cannot say I was unscathed.  But on hindsight, I have progressed along some path towards some kind of healing and restoration.

Did I do it on my own?  Oh no!  I can attribute it all to God but in that complexity of “God” were the friends who did more than stand by.  These friends pressed into the darkness with me.

What would I do without these friends?  All I know is I am glad I am doing it with them.