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We cry “Peace”

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Living in the US at this time, and hearing news of what’s happening in Singapore (plus all that is happening around the world), one wonders if things will ever get better.

Last Sunday during the second session of the 6-week Adventures in Prayer and Meditation, I listened to heartfelt sharing of what certain words or phrases in Psalm 1 meant to each one and why and what they believed God’s message was for them that day.  This was the version we read:

Psalm 1
Blessed are the man and woman
Who have grown beyond their greed
And have put an end to hatred
And no longer nourish illusions.
But they delight in the way things are
And keep their hearts open, day and night.
They are like trees planted near flowing rivers,
Which bear fruit when they are ready.
Their leaves will not fall or wither.
Everything they do will succeed.
—translation by Stephen Mitchell, from A Book of Psalms, Harper Collins, 1993

I could hear in the many words we used, the sense that some of us having lived between 65-85 years were trying to make sense of the world as they now know it.  There were quivering chins, tears welling up in eyes, nervous laughter but at the end…we knew that our hope was and is in God alone.  We cannot make sense of many things but as one man said, “I can only delight in the way things are.”  Delight in the way things are?  The way the world is?  No, the way things are because,

“Blessed are the man and woman
Who have grown beyond their greed
And have put an end to hatred
And no longer nourish illusions.”

As another lady said, “In the work I do, I see many whom I think are undeserving but I do not question.  I do what I am supposed to do because I know God requires that of me.  I do this and believe that “everything [I} do will succeed.”

As I facilitated the session on Lectio Divina I was personally humbled but these brothers and sisters around me.  Listening to them, God’s voice was booming in my ear. Embrace reality and “do not nourish illusions” and the re-affirmation that peace of heart comes from knowing God is God and will be God even when we (I) insist on wrestling with God on most things!  But God was so humorous, the conclusion of the pastor’s sermon later that morning was a reminder that “God wants to be in relationship with us” (even those of us who try to help God with God’s job – Abram and Sarai were featured in one of the Scripture texts read – you know the one where Abram “helped” God as they made their way from Ur to the place God was sending them to).

So we cry “Peace”…not just peace in the world or peace in our hearts but that we would become those instruments of peace.