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Different Waiting

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The song above speaks of one kind of waiting.  Waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled. It’s not wishful thinking, crossing one’s fingers that such and such will happen.  It is with certain hope that what God has promised, as confirmed by your accountability group or spiritual companions, will come to pass.


The other kind of waiting has to do with exactly what one must do with one’s life, gifts, training and skills.  I think of Queen Esther who was “born for such a time as this.”  I think we are all born for many “such a time as this” seasons.


We may not see clearly now as we look through a glass (see Paul in Corinthians) but we will see clearly when it matters.  We are directed in different ways based on our personalities, characters and dispositions.  We hear, we see, we feel, we think, we rationalize…but in the end it is the obeying and being faithful that really matter.  The wonder of it all is that God allows us to respond or not to respond to what God has for us to receive, to do, to enjoy, to struggle through…


So we wait for our marching orders.  But while waiting we remain faithful.  When we get our orders, we obey and serve faithfully.  When we finish that work, we finish it faithfully and then wait to hear again faithfully.


Sometimes God points us to the time to let the ground lay fallow.  To allow our spirit to rest and be restored and replenished.  Sabbath rest is to be kept faithfully, too.


We must be both Mary and Martha.  Then we sometimes have to be Lazarus, too.  Dying and laying in the tomb until we are called forth to new life, new work, new season of faithfulness.




Keep Quiet

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That’s the advice from my husband.  “Keep quiet.”  He likes to remind me of Philippians 4:8.  He personally tries to live by that.  He says there is enough doo-doo around us that we don’t need to add to it, grovel in it, throw it…

He says that criticising others makes one “slow.”  I think he means it makes us dense and blind to our own plank blocking our view which in turn causes us to see the splinter too clearly in the eye of the other.

Okay, so I try to also remember what I learnt many years ago in Bible school (1981).  It’s the story of David returning home after a victorious war.  His wife, Michal, saw him dancing in the streets in his ephod or his inner garment.  She criticized him and lo and behold!  God closed her womb.  What I learnt was that when we criticize God’s work, God’s people, we bring barrenness upon ourselves.

The other thing I learnt at some point in my life is that we become like the people we criticize.

I am more outspoken than my husband is.  He is great at keeping his mouth shut.  So I have to work harder at not making my view known on every matter.  No one really needs to know everything I think about every one or every place or every thing.

If it doesn’t edify, keep it.  If it doesn’t build up, shut up.  If it doesn’t encourage, swallow it.

“But God, give me wisdom to know when I can and must rebuke, reproach, correct…”

Philippians 4:8 (NRSV) 8Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.