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When you hear your name

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2011 at 9:34 am

I am laughing on the inside right now!  There are a number of songs with “Maria” in the title or lyrics.  Some are funny, some romantic, some poetic but wow, this one…is wild.  I think it suits my present location – TEXAS!

Sue Vee mentioned Brooks and Dunn as she went out for her run this morning.  She tried to get me off my rear end and go for a walk, too.  I am still sitting here, first reading “Bread and Wine – Readings for Lent and Easter” and then my emails.  Many of my emails are devotionals and sales (sacred and profane!).  So I searched Brooks and Dunn (after I listened to Lady Antebellum’s “I Run To You”) and one of the songs was “My Maria” and it made me laugh!

Why would I laugh, you ask?  Why not?  Jesus calls out my name!  Jesus calls me beside still waters and sit for a while – not run, or run away from being with Jesus!

The kids are around me watching iCarly.  It’s Saturday morning after all.  Soon enough they have to start their chores but since they have been on Spring break, they have done their laundry and they have cleaned their rooms for this week.  I helped with their bathroom (a little bit) this week because I noticed the ring around the tub!

So Jesus calls me “My Maria” and chores can wait.

When you hear God call your name, you answer “I Run To You”