Discussing my funeral

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Discussing my funeral, I was told people would not come because I am really not a nice person.  I thought they would come to celebrate that I was really dead.


No, they will not come because you are an angry and bitter person and you don’t realise that people really do not like you.


okay. I’ll be dead anyway.


and I know writing this will gather responses from friends who will say that it’s not true at all – that I am such a terrible person.


But in reality, do you really know me?  You see the person passionate about certain issues.  Maybe you see her humour (MCS staff with whom I lunched with will attest to that!) and her wit.  Or you see her creativity and craziness.


But inner circle people (I don’t even know who these are) will say, “She’s sarcastic not witty.”


Or “she’s crazy mad not fun-loving crazy.”


Or “she’s socially inept and quite uncouth.”


Just because I help you a bit, talk to you and listen to you, maybe give you some help or advice, you think I am wonderful.


But I was told only a few people have really really seen my anger and my hatred.  Basically, few have seen my sinful, fallen nature.  And what a nature it is.


So at my funeral, you have two choices – come and poke and make sure I am stone cold dead or come and regret you never saw Mad Maria in action.


NB. Some song choices

Come, Thou Traveler Unknown

Hymn of Promise (First Choice)


If no one turns up, just play a CD.


No fancy funeral liturgics, please.  If you do it, do it for yourself.  I am dust returning to dust.


Sit down, have a drink and talk about me all you like because I’ll finally be homeward bound.


Thank you.

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  2. Hi Susan. Wrote you a private email message.

  3. Thanks Maria. Just added ur blog to ‘my favorites’.

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